I have always loved to observe cities; its layers and the most delicate details. There is a lot of history, how architecture creates streets to metropolitans. Old city fabrics will always be covered with new ones.

I was born in the north of Finland, in Kemi in 1992. I attended comprehensive school and upper secondary school in Äänekoski, in central Finland. I was pleased to begin my architecture studies at Oulu University in 2011. I have been on exchange at KTH Stockholm 2016-2017. Today as an almost ready architect I can really say that I have found my vocation. My keen interests are in visual arts, politics, nature and programming. This is a website of mine that represents my architecture portfolio and resume.

Maija Poukka, Helsinki/2017

Maija Poukka

Please don't hesistate to contact me if you need any further information.